55 Days in 5 Countries

55 days in Europe in 5 countries… (Sweden ~ Norway ~ Germany ~ Holland AND Denmark, only if you count landing in the airport)… Another 55/5 synchronistic realization to top off this journey.
cacaoc ceremony mahara 2
I’m sitting now in Schipol airport in Amsterdam. it’s always so interesting to sit and sum up these journeys sitting in the airports.
This moment I’m in awe. This moment I’m on fire, in a very calm and soothing way. Life really seems to just happen through me.
The heart is the best book keeper and secretary can have. When you can listen clearly and hear the yeses and nos in the heart and drop resistance and hesitation flow is incredible. There was certainly much planning involved in making this all happen, yet ceremonies and gatherings seemed to pop up and come together so effortlessly and magically as everything really happened at the right place and right time. The journey started with one invitation to teach a course, and I was asked to be part of a magical and prosperous WhatsApp network that brought me directly to my soul sistar who, having never met me before, buried her keys in the ground outside of her flat the day I arrived in Malmo while she went off to Stockholm for a week. And from that moment there has only been continuous ease and wonder. 
What you put out comes back. When you trust the Universe you are trusted deeply by others. Put out pure love and pure love is returned, amplified, multiplied, clarified. This journey has been for the most part a shower of healing and abundance. I’ve met so many amazing souls and we have reflected to each other so much beauty and compassion.
There have also been some rather tough lessons about boundaries and I’m learning the importance and power of stepping into greater levels of transparency… It comes down to simply and shamelessly speaking one’s true desires without insistence, dropping the masks that come from “trying to be a good person” and instead resting in intrinsic benevolence. I’ve also learned how in certain moments, words just waste energy. Words that someone is not ready to hear are better left unspoken. Words that are not entirely transparent are better unspoken.
I love how the body is such a tool for feedback. I had a gum infection for several days after some interesting conflicts bubbled to the surface. Apparently in Dutch there is an expression that translates to “walking over your gums.” It’s a pretty spot on way to describe how I was attempting to resolve conflicts to which there need not be a resolution.
To be OK with things not being OK is a sort of magic. Constantly I see into the insanity and distortion that is our modern world and the cultural assumptions that keep people in inner bondage despite the outer comfort. Yet in this moment what seemed to trigger me and bring me to think that the world is going in the wrong direction just seems likes a joke. A pretty lame joke, but a funny one nonetheless.
I am blessed to ride this wave of light. On one level it is choice. On another it is grace. Truly, we cannot have one without the other. This is the best moment ever. And it always is.
The magic around the corner will take me and so many in the light tribe far beyond all the magic of the past. I am so excited to return to Guatemala, yet in a way feeling a degree of shock already at the intense change of pace… From the constant movement and constant focus in holding space for others and manifesting magic on the move to creating again outer stillness and routine will be very comforting.
I wished for a moment to stay longer in Amsterdam. While every destination has been magical, Holland has topped it off. The exchange of energy, gratitude, and bliss has felt so natural and safe with everyone I’ve met here and the love brings my heart to warm and tingle. Yet I’m quite certain it’s right I’m leaving now. I’m out of chocolate, and it’s getting cold. I am also a bird, and birds really dislike these sorts of temperatures.
I have much to look forward to on my next journey here and I’ll look forward within the now to all the beauty to come.
For now it’s 11:11 and I have a lake to return home to, and retreat to pilot, and a magical lay-over in between!
Thank YOU to each and every soul I’ve played with along the way! I love you all so much and excited for our journeys to meet again in later nows!
cacao ceremony mahara
Tak! Chus! Doei! ❤

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