The Fifth Element with Teal Swan (Part 2)

20171014_150211I have been so blessed that was appearing hidden or fragmented. What do we all really want? The simple answer after so many processes is nothing more than greater connection. How do we get more connected with ourselves with each other? Authenticity. To be totally vulnerable, totally true to ourselves with no f**** given if it’s wrong or unspiritual or may not grant us approval from others… Because once we approve of it within ourselves, we become a match to that so craved outer approval.

The whole time a part of me questioned the processes, thinking they were just too simple. I didn’t learn anything I don’t already know. Yet I realized within infinite complexity our questions and our pain boils down to really one thing and that is self love, a love so strong that you share yourself and all that you are and all that you want just as it is. In truth part of me was a bit traumatized from the last time I found myself at the seminar like this. After this experience I feel embodied in a way I’ve never felt before.

I’m excited to follow my heart and share this wisdom and love with many to come. I got a lot of downloads that will be a part of my offerings in the future though most importantly found greater ease with in myself. The last time I went to something like this instead of actually feeling the wise guru super star guided the group to jump through mental hoops to raise our frequency so we knew how super cutting edge we really were. The whole energy in the room was filled with this sticky infatuation like when you think you’re falling in love with someone. Teal explained so beautifully that the “butterfly” feeling we are so addicted to is just a sure sign we are headed in the direction of pain. Whoops! Seems all those addicted to the spiritual by-pass teachers eventually fall into a hidden hole in the ground or run into an invisible brick wall by always chasing the “feel good vibe” even when they feel like shit.

Teal gave such a beautifully simple formula for actual success without fragmentation. You can be outwardly successful with pure positive focus alone, yet you’ll have that sticky “butterflies in your belly” feeling constantly and through continuously avoiding discomfort eventually you’ll manifest a disaster. If you want to actually be successful and comfortable and whole within and throughout it, then focus positively continuously, until something negative arises, and then put every ounce of your focus on that negativity. It’s not hard. It’s not even frightening anymore once you get used to it!

Even before this workshop it was through Teal’s wisdom on YouTube alone I could pull myself from the spiritual by-pass loop that is so prevalent in some circles. To be in her energy field and surrounded by so many genuinely compassionate people was a deep and fresh breath of air.

It’s true we’re in a world that is for the most part practicing disconnection and by-passing. Teal herself made clear that the Earth is headed in the direction of a wake-up call. Of course things are getting better and the earth is ascending, yet also the density is really, really coming out. I’m excited for it. All it means is more work for me, which as a full and true “processing junkie,” I fully enjoy.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to Teal and all involved. Best weekend ever!



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