The Fifth Element with Teal Swan ~ Earth


When i first saw Teal Swan’s famous “F**k the Law of Attraction” video I was in huge resistance and turned it off a few minutes through… When the wide-spread spiritual by-pass teachings only left me spiraling I felt some aspect of Teal reach out to me on the astral planes and telling me “it was time.”

To be honest when I go to other workshops in recent months I’m usually either bored or dreaming of how I’d lead the workshop instead. Though I’ve been watching Teal several times a week for half a year now, and our tours seemed to intersect in Munich.

I went to the workshop today without a ticket, and simply focused on spreading good energy and connecting with people, and shared honestly that I couldn’t really afford a ticket and could only come for two of three days anyway. Magic strings were pulled. I got a super reduced rate and was able to sit in today for the Earth element workshop.

We did channeling exercises to hear what our own bodies have to say through another person’s mouth in small groups. Of course my group tuned into my open channel, and 3 of 5 people asked me to be the channel for the messages from their own body! The messages that came through really helped them, and my mind was open to new possibilities of what I can do with channeling.

We did another exercise to tune into our own resonance, what is a yes and what is a now through our body, through immediate sensations though our spine. The simplicity of this activity frustrated me but I cooperated. Hours later I realized that I had denied the “no” feeling response in order to “do the right thing” or to “do what lightworker/spiritual/compassionate person /should/ do” several times in the past week, and all that ensued was chaotic and amplified that initial bad feeling I ignored… Until it exploded. Today it was so big that I didn’t know what to do. Yesterday I put it on the other person, the one my body asked me to say no to, and immediately that blame and projection came back to me from another angle. What you put out comes back, and in these energies it comes back /really/ quick. Luckily I also learn really quick!

All of these practices we shared today were a part of connecting with the earth element. Out of all the elements, I have a lot of resistance to earth both consciously and subconsciously. There’s so much resistance that I bought elemental wind chimes, a set of four, and mistakenly bought two waters and without getting the earth.

I’ve resisted the earth because of a false belief that being grounded and in my body meant hat I had to co-operate with the rules and conditions of the old world. I don’t fit into mainstream, modern society.  Never have, never will. I barely even fit into the spiritual market place. Yet I didn’t come here to fit in and meet society and the old world. I came here to create the new world. I came here to help build the very foundation of it. I came here to write a new set of rules and conditions for existing in physical reality and upon planet earth. To be grounded and connected to physical 3D reality doesn’t mean I have to admit defeat to the conditions of the old world… More-so, it means that I’m much better equipped to start sculpting the new one.

Thank you Teal and all the beautiful souls involved! I’m really excited for tomorrow.

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