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It is such an exciting pleasure to share and inspire Divine bliss with all beings, may my words open hearts to shift into new realities where your greatest dreams are realities.

My experience here in Guatemala this past 7 weeks, capped off by the jungle vaccine of three Kambo treatments and a super accelerated New Year at cosmic convergence, I feel like a total new person, completely back into alignment and so much more “grounded” into the 5th dimension.

At one cacao ceremony maybe a month ago there was a moment where I described how I felt as “finally myself for the first time, ever.” At this rate now every moment, or at least every morning, I am a completely different person. This is not something new, but the level of awareness about it is… And in every moment you are a complete new person too, whether you recognize it or not! And in the energies of these times shifting into the Light of Aquarius, the leaps we can make can get much bigger and more frequent if we allow them too. For some this process can translate into increased dramas, mishaps, or disease. For those who truly focus on Spirit now and make the choice to live in Heaven, life is getting so amazingly joyous, more and more in every moment.

Gratitude, which I wrote a bit about yesterday, is perfected when everything that happens is seen as a gift. In order to really see the negative things that “happen to you” as gifts, it’s first helpful to remember where happiness really comes from… The highest bliss is only found through God, All That Is, Who You Really Are! The more you identify with and invoke your own Godself, nothing happens to you… As you are the Creator, and you are the Creation, everything happens through you, and your perspective and attitude are your greatest tools to shift from reality to reality until you emerge into the one your most prefer.

In the background of all of life there is this level of fear, which is truly a prayer for realities that are not preferred… For a while I had a journey with “confronting” the fear, and making decisions I was afraid of partially just for the sake of confronting the fear. Now my perspective is this…The fear isn’t even real. It’s simply a distraction we design to forget how powerful we are… We’re so powerful we create the entire world around us every moment. “I am the weaver, I am the woven one. I am the dreamer, I am the dream.” In dreams sometimes we can become aware of the fact that we aren’t just ourselves, sometimes our consciousness appears as outside of our physical form… We are the entire dream! Waking life is just the same. We are the whole thing happening around us, not just the body… and we are actually creating everything that happens around us, even the things that “other people” do. We create the entire world around us, always, regardless of how aware we are of our intentions or not!

In order to ride these energies into the life of our dreams so that Heaven on Earth can take physical form, look deep at what is, at who you are, at what you want, from God’s perspective… Every shift in perspective, attitude, and intention, creates an entire new parallel reality. Shine your light and shift into the world you most prefer, so that all beings may do the same!! Wahe guru!!

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