My Journey with Kundalini Yoga… and Beyond

Just led an amazing fusion of cacao ceremony, Kundalini yoga, qi gong and channeled energy modalities!! The fusion of Kundalini yoga with other modalities opens up so much, so so much potential to explore. About a month now I have been enjoying dedication to regular, intensive Kundalini yoga once again. It’s firmly grounding me in the highest vibes ever, increasing every time I do sadhana! The indigenous worker at the house next door loves it too. Of Snatam and Singh Kaur music I play during my practice he told me “la musica me toca la corazon” (the music touches my heart!!).

Kundalini yoga has proven such an amazing foundation for my entire life over the past four years. The strength and awareness I have achieved through this practice has kept me up through so many amazing and sometimes challenging experiences.

Last year I was blessed to be a part of the first Kundalini yoga teacher traning to happen in Amritsar, the holy city of the Sikh people. Kundalini yoga is intimately tied in with Sikhism as it was delivered by Yogi Bhajan, a devout Sikh as well as a yoga master. Of all the places in India, Amritsar leaves the strongest impression… Simply remembering the sound of the constant kirtan emanating from the temple makes my whole body tingle from the crown down.

As awareness increased over these past years I’ve encountered, as blessings and lessons, so many luminous beings with so many distortions and limiting beliefs. The leader of this yoga training was one of them. He was an older German Sikh convert, very kind soul and a great teacher. The first time we spoke several days into the training he remarked at the powerful energy I hold…. I was honored and with an open heart, shared my whole self, from indulgent LSD fueled spirituality into yoga and beyond into the mystery of shamanism and the magic of tantra and plant spirits. All of a sudden my energy wasn’t so nice to him anymore

Many times I backed away from Kundalini yoga because of the dogma many people in the community adhere to, the judgment they place on their own desires and behavoirs, and the spiritual ideal they aspire to yet seem unfulfilled by. The paradox became very apparent in Amritar when the teacher enforced 3HO policy that all psychoactive substances are not compatible with yogic lifestyle, yet another teacher present in Amritsar told me behind the scenes that Yogi Bhajan was high on nutmeg every day of his life and had a secret cannabis cookbook, and that there was a very recognized teacher in New Mexico who was also ayahuasca shaman.

Everytime I objected to the dogma the leader of the training shared with the group, I was rudely dismissed… Finally when the substance policy emerged and I brought up mystical healing plants, he told me, harshly and with a very deep level of fear, I must make a choice between the yogic path and the shamanic one else I run the risk of misguiding others. What a blessing that statement was. At first I was shocked, yet I knew inside that his beliefs were so founded in fear that there was no point even saying a thing at the time.

Almost daily before yoga I enjoy my magic Mayan chocolate, and I have some of the most amazing yoga practices you could imagine, with a heart so wide open and a very strong energized body and spirit…Now in my classes I combine the medicine of cacao ceremony with Kundalini yoga and many other mind-body practices and healing modalities that come through. Now is the time that we emerge into Unity, and one symbol for this is the merging of healing modalities that to some don’t seem to fit together at first.

It is only through merging the myriad of incredibly different approaches to healing, life, and “spirituality” that I have found my own unique gifts of the Spirit that overflow from my Presence. Yoga is one of the most powerful ones. Without it, I could not connect with the level of energies that flow through me every day and maintain my physical body… It simply would not be possible.

The level of psychic awareness opening every day is so strong. At a point I was not practincing yoga at all yet still letting these energies flow through me… And my body did yoga anyway! Spontaneous kriyas and movements I very well felt like I had no control over commanded my body. Occasionally this still happens, and I know how to flow with it an allow it. The power of Kundalini yoga has allowed me to open my channels consciously and deliberately so that even more energy my flow through…And every sadhana is a more profound level of knowing and bliss of the sheer power of God’s light. Sheer awe and mystical splendor. And it’s even more fun with magical gifts of the earth, crystal and plant allies, within us, around us and working with us!

I am knowing and embracing on deeper levels how my own soul mission here is to help people break down their limiting taboos holding them from experiencing their true desires. I have an amazing journey with Kundalini yoga I am excited to deepen, to hold the practice dear to my heart and celebrate it, and help it evolve as people learn to see beyond the limiting box that the foundation Yogi Bhajan gave us has mutated into… It’s time to take this practice to new levels! And as difficult I made my experience in India last time, I feel myself back within the four walls of Sri Harminder Sahib, the Golden Temple… To assist the Khalsa in transmuting awesome levels of density, pain, and limitation that is all too apparent even amongst the Neptunic splendor of the kirtan! Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa…. Wahe guru ji ke FATEH!!

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