Transmuting Density in Accelerated TImes

Inside I hold a very big and deep sadness. It’s easy to gloss over, forget about, and keep down, so that other people won’t have to feel that pain or have their own pain triggered by witnessing it. I have had this sadness as long as I can remember. Perhaps at some point as an infant it wasn’t there, but I decided to let it enter me in a process of societal conditioning.

Even after years of travel, healing yoga and body work, and exploration with plant medicine, this sadness is still there. Many cover-ups for it, such as tremendous anger and paralyzing guilt, have surfaced and taken me through an inner, and often outwardly dramatic, journey digging deep to this core aspect of myself that feels alone and isolated even in the company of amazing friends and healers.

This depth of sadness and fear is not unique to me. Through empathic awareness I recognize even deeper layers of sadness in everyone I encounter. Most people seem very aware of the incredible difficulty and density this planet faces at this time, but how many are willing to look deep into their own chunk of it and just how dense it is?

In the United States and most places I’ve been to and know of around the world, it is not culturally acceptable to show what you are feeling unless you are with a therapist or a friend or family member close enough to “share the burden”, and even then the emotional release process is buffered by guilt. In every person I meet, even the spiritual seeking and enlightened at magical lake Atitlan or Mount Shasta, I feel the same sadness festering within and I see the many ways they try to cover it up, so that they don’t have to change.

Depression runs deep and it’s only getting deeper. Those who don’t self-medicate with alcohol, food, and the prescribed societal distractions are given anti-depressants. All of the above ingrain the condition of depression deeper and make the person more robotic and lifeless.

The only way to begin to heal is to allow yourself to feel the sadness, and all the rage, shame, blame, confusion, and guilt layered thick on top of it to keep you from really acknowledge it. When these feeling surface it signals a retreat inwards, what the channel Bashar calls a period of “compression” which society puts a negative condition on. Retreating inwards and long periods of rest and contemplation, whether it is laying in bed all day, watching nature, or sitting and meditating, are the best means to jump start this healing process, yet our conditioned tendency to resist anything that is not productive and avoid the depths of our feelings and emotions can prevent people from giving themselves the space they need to initiate a healing process. Instead we manifest disease or disaster which forces us to take the time we need to get in touch with our feelings. Often if we had taken the time to really acknowledge and work with the trapped emotional energies beneath the surface, we could move through our density much quicker and smoother.

As we accelerate more and more and enter into the Aquarian Age of Light, those who continue to resist their emotions and the process of compression that comes with it, will manifest incredible insanity and disaster. It will very well feel like Armageddon to a portion of the people on this planet, while simultaneously others will experience an ever increasing state of heaven on earth, even through the incredibly painful process of transformation of the old dark earth and their own pain and negativity they’ve been playing out in many realities.

Once you allow the negativity to surface to conscious awareness, the next step is to love it, thank it, and embrace it. Love yourself despite it and know your core essence as something so much bigger and brighter than that portion of pain. Love the pain and thank it, because without it you might not have ever realized you were living in a way that’s not satisfying your heart’s true yearning. Once you’ve fully loved and accepted that part of yourself, you can begin to fine tune your frequency to the way you prefer to live.

The process is transformation is never ending. One radical change in perception then lifestyle can lead to another swing in the complete opposite direction at times, endlessly cycling through different new and exciting people, places, and belief systems. As above so below, as within so without. Every change within become reflected outside in a myriad of ways. A new way of living for oneself and for the planet must begin with a decision to experience peace and bliss. The truest peace and bliss encompasses everything. It allows all emotions to be there as the messengers they are, until they’ve fully delivered the messages your Higher Self sent to you through them. Once you come into alignment with what you truly desire, which is no different than the Highest Divine potential or “God’s will”, there simply is no need for heavy accumulations of dense emotions to force you unto your preferred path. Negativity will always be there as the reminder it is to remain in alignment, but instead of pushing, shoving, and stabbing at you, it will simply poke or maybe even tickle you back on track. The magic trick is first accepting and loving yourself and your experience, including all the negativity and darkness stored within. At this point it is crystal clear that fighting it or fixing it only reinforces it… so start loving all those parts of you that just want to give rid of it, too, because they’ve also been great teachers! Get to love being vulnerable and authentic, allowing your feelings surface and express in all moments and situations. It’s the smoothest way to move through the process and help others start to do the same.

Despite this depth of sadness I face every day, I am filled with such a deep peace and find it easy to enter into a state of bliss and grace. The negative emotions are still very present, at first overwhelmingly so. The magic I’ve learned is that the highest peace and grace does not “get rid of” negativity, it includes it. I’ve only gotten to this point through surrender and acceptance, calling in my Divine essence and allowing my negativity to be there. Walking in the light brings out even more shadows and it is not without pain, yet it brings peace, awe, and ecstasy, that makes each step infinitely rewarding and inspiring.

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